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Daily Prayer

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Today’s prayer

Holy One,
This morning, I thank you for my breath,
and that you are even closer than this breath of mine.
Today, I am conscious of no symptoms.
And yet, I know that just because there are no symptoms, it doesn’t mean that I do not carry.
As I begin this very day, in this uncertain time,
I am thankful for the Truth that nothing can separate me from your love and expression through Jesus Christ.
Thank you for your love on this day.
Forgive me, that my mind too often goes to places of scarcity
to antibacterial this – and that
to wipes and papers and judgements.
Bring me to the hearts breaking for these sick and those dying.
Each day, they seem to get closer to me.
From far away – to my town,
and now, right here.
Friends of friends – to friends
in hospitals and dwellings of all shapes and sizes
across geography.
Our closest ones are kept apart.
Spouse separated from spouse,
Parent from child, child from parent
Grandparent from generations
O God, you were with us yesterday when we stood six feet apart and
heard some people say, “Is this the new reality?”
“Will we never be the same?”
“Is this how we will be from now on?”
For a moment, I wondered whether it might be true –
After the virus is gone, how could we be the same?
Will I remember how to touch?
To hold the hand of a stranger?
Only if we choose.
O God, in this moment, remind us who we are:
Sisters and brothers meant to reflect your love and light in this world.
Only for a time, caring for each other in this new way.
We will remember how to touch.
We will remember how to hold the hand of a stranger.
Holy One, we will not forget that we are held in your love.
Bring comfort where there is anxiety and sorrow and despair.
Bring strength and unity on the front lines,
where there is heroic compassion, fatigue and heightened risk.
We ask for wisdom where it is needed,
bringing hope to anchor our souls.
We will not forget that we are held in your love.
Come closer, O Lord. I am ready.
Remind me of your healing touch.
As I enter into this day, the day you have made,
Make me an instrument of your peace.
Make me an instrument of your love.
The peace and love that carries us through each day.
By Rev. Ted Crass, President, United Methodist Foundation of New England

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