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Dear Friends:
Peace be with you!!
I pray that this note finds you well.  
I have been thinking to write you since I completely(?) moved out of the parsonage in Colebrook a couple of  weeks ago.  I was not able to be there, but I give my deep thanks to the Trinity church and Rev. Phil Polhemus for allowing me to leave my stuff in the parsonage for several months and helping Vicki and Jo for the moving.
I also give my special thanks to you all for being with me with your prayers and supports in my difficult time of cancer.   I do not know how long time I have on earth and when I can see you again, but I am always thankful to God for my last ministry with you in my favorite place in NH.
I am doing OK -- still weak and easily get tired, but I can manage my daily routines by myself.
My doctor is concerned now that no more progress has been shown for the last couple of months. The chemo medication I am taking is new and very good medication (and very expensive😉.  Without the medical insurance, I would not be able to get it).  The medication had been working well, especially for the tumor in my brain, but this medication does not seem to work properly for my lungs. My doctor and I have been waiting for the fluid in my lungs being reduced but the fluid has shown more and more rather than being reduced.  
I am going to have another cat scan X-ray and MRI at the end of this month, and they will show me about my present  condition.  
I have many limitations physically now, but, spiritually and mentally, I am in peace.  Whatever comes to me, I can accept, and I am thankful to God.  
Some of you still send me cards with your caring notes.  Thank you!!  I hope you to know how I was encouraged whenever I received them.  Please know that you, too, are in my prayers and thoughts.  Let us see each other in prayers.
Shalom to you all, my friends, Shalom!
                        In prayers, Yoo Cha   
Rev. Yoo Cha Yi
54 High Street
​ ​
Newport, ME 04953
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