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How the Bible Can Change Your Life

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People sometimes try to read the Bible as if it were a novel. Indeed, many parts of the Bible
read like stories, and many are quite interesting. The Bible is a collection of how God and
humanity have interacted over the centuries. The Old Testament tells of God’s work from the
beginning of time until the birth of Jesus. The New Testament tells us about Jesus’ life and
ministry, and what it meant to his first followers and can mean to us today.
When you read the Bible, don’t try to read it all at once! Instead read a few sentences or
maybe a chapter and ask yourself:
1. How does what I read inform my understanding of God?
2. How does what I read help me understand myself?
3. What have I learned about how God works in the world?
4. What will I do differently because of what I’ve read?
This last question is how we beging to change to become what God wants us to be. Sometimes
the changes might be instant, but more often they will be gradual. Regardless, you will
progressively learn more and more and gradually these changes will make you into a virtually
new person—the person God created you to be!
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